Structured Cabling vs. Point to Point

Not every SMB requires an in-house IT staff, but you’re likely to need outside assistance when setting up or relocating your IT infrastructure. You’ll likely depend on the advice of outside contractors to set up and maintain your network. Here are a few things you should know about structured cabling vs. point-to-point (P2P) cabling.

How Do Structured Cabling and P2P Differ?

P2P cabling involves establishing direct connections between devices and control/automation systems. Jumper fiber cables connect servers, switches or storage units to other servers, switches or storage units. As IoT continues to experience explosive growth, P2P is no longer practical for larger networks. This method of cabling lacks the flexibility, manageability, reliability and performance that today’s networks need to accommodate growth, because it is geared toward a small number of connections. You might start off with an organized P2P system, but once you start switching out or adding cables, you'll have a mess on your hands.

Current EIA/TIA and ANSI standards recommend the use of a hierarchical structured cabling infrastructure. Structured cabling allows the continuous flow of data through an encompassing network of cables, equipment and management tools. It uses distribution areas instead of P2P connections to provide flexible, standards-based connections between various equipment, including switches to switches, switches to servers and servers to storage devices.

What is the Better Solution?

Structured cabling has been considered the industry best practice over P2P cabling for some years now. Simply put, it's scalable to future technologies and easier to upgrade and maintain. It's more organized, and less vulnerable to human error (such as disconnecting the wrong cable). Even for a small business, choosing structured cabling will help reduce your costs and risks as your IT environment grows and becomes more complex. Structured cabling:

  • Simplifies integration
  • Reduces risk
  • Improves reliability, performance, productivity and scalability

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