Our Services

Since 1997, for over 25 years, Elontec prides itself on providing complete solutions to our customers.

Our name, derived from the values of Longevity, Alliances and Allegiances, Technology, and Longing to Serve is a reminder to us to continually focus on the holistic nature of our service.

We are a three-tiered business, personified in our easily recognizable company logo, offering furniture sales and installation, commercial relocation, and information technology infrastructure. We proudly and purposefully remain unaligned, meaning we can provide the best solution to our clients without the burden of manufacturer quotas and influences that can hamper other dealerships representing primary lines. We foster and maintain strong allegiances with many manufacturers. This independence empowers us to focus solutions that directly map to our customers’ needs in ways other dealerships cannot.


  • System Furniture (Workstations & Benching)
  • Casegoods (Private Offices, Meeting Rooms)
  • Conference & Collaboration Areas
  • Seating
  • Demountable Wall Systems
  • Elontec Rescue Line – Refurbished Furniture


  • Corporate Moves
  • Furniture Reconfigurations, Adds and Changes
  • Off-site Storage, Short-term and Long-term
  • State Contract Provider
  • Company Fleet
  • W2 and Certified Employees


  • Low Voltage Licensed Contractor
  • IT Networking and Infrastructure
  • Video Surveillance/Video Conferencing
  • Audio Visual Setup and Maintenance
  • Card Access/Control
  • Telephone Systems – VOIP/PBX


A well-designed and thought-out workplace encourages your employees to excel. It’s essential to increase productivity and even protect the emotional well-being of your team. At Elontec, we understand that you are trusting us and empowering us to create a space tailored to your current and future needs.

Our design ethos allows our creatives to engage early and stay longer than most others in the industry. This means that you’ll have a personalized, direct team focusing on your needs and working closely with you every step of the way. Our seasoned design team shares projects, so you’re always going to get our best and smartest for each phase as your project progresses. Collectively, we listen, we empathize, and then we solve; bringing in over 200 different furniture manufacturers at our disposal to get you what you need with no regard to flagship quotas like many of the others. Our primary goal is always to do it right for you, not some parent company or our agenda. Our solutions are always centered around you.


Elontec is far more than just a professional moving company. Our commercial relocation services integrate all our sales and service tiers to keep your business moving efficiently and cost-effectively during the transition.

Our unique company structure allows us to react in ways that others simply cannot: we can project manage your move at a high level and integrate our design team to help with space-planning and workstation reconfigurations; we can store, liquidate, or consign your excess furniture and fixtures; we can provide warehouse space as a staging or temporary solution for any space demands that might arise; we can install new cabling and technology and connect and maintain your technological infrastructure.

Relocation is at the heart of our comprehensive solution. Elontec is your best choice to move your business forward.


Our unique approach of combining design, installation, and maintenance of technology infrastructure has made us one of Arizona’s most respected technology companies. We bring generations of expertise and strategic planning to every project. We assess your needs, anticipate potential challenges, and work with you to plan for future needs to proactively offset the expenses of adds, moves, and reconfigurations down the road. No matter the project size, Elontec can test, certify, and install your systems.

We provide low voltage cabling (voice and data lines), CCTV video surveillance systems, card access, Audio visual, systems VOIP telephone systems. During a relocation or office refresh of flooring, we can disconnect and reconnect your technology from your desktops to your servers with our certified technicians.

Your technology is your company’s backbone. Let us make sure your infrastructure needs are thought out, well-planned, and expertly installed so your company continues to move forward as seamlessly as possible.