Company Headquarters


Newfound Hope Wellness & Detox Center


Tempe, Arizona

New Found Hope reached out to Elontec to help build out the new Corporate offices with all new furniture. We meet with the customers Executive team at the new two story office building.

They were working with an architectural firm that was having difficulty in building out enough offices in the new corporate office. Joe Clayton went to site and measured the entire building. Joe drew the office space and created enough offices in his design to accommodate the customers needs. The Customer provided the drawings to the architectural company and they followed Joe’s design ninety percent but had enough office spaces for the corporate teams. Now that Joe Clayton earned the respect of the owners, they gave Elontec creative freedom to design the perfect corporate office space. The Elontec design team took the logo colors and incorporated them into the design. The design team created a beautiful space from the reception to the conference room, break, intake, admin private offices to the executive offices as well as the collaboration areas. Once completed, This space was absolutely beautiful and you can see the pops of colors to accent the wood laminate finishes matching the wood ceilings.