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Consumer Cellular




In early 2022, Consumer Cellular solicited Elontec to source a specific lounge chair. Since that initial contact, our impact with both furniture and service offerings has grown into a predominate role in the aggressive goal of planning and furnishing 200 brick-and-mortar retail stores nationwide by 2025.

Our dedicated team juggles a multitude of interior furnishing and suppliers from around the world. Manufacturers in Italy supply leather for the custom sofas; others from Spain supply the fabric and testing for the lounge seating; and still others in Indonesia supplies the marble. Each store, office, and warehouse is an intricate balancing act and we are both challenged and grateful to continue to demonstrate our commitment to Consumer Cellular. As of 2023, we have opened the first 15 stores, with many more planned. This relationship boasts of the hard work and dedication of all involved. The Elontec team is happy to be a driver behind the successes.