May is National Moving Month


May marks the busiest season for relocation and has even been given the name, National Moving Month. If you’re considering relocating your office, now would be a good time to move. Here’s three reasons why your office should make the move this month.

Popular Locations

If your business relies on client meetings and your clients are having difficulty finding your office, it’s time for a move. A location that’s difficult to find can lead to missed meetings and spell bad news for your business. Consider a property area that’s easier to locate.

Commute Purposes

It’s important to think of your employees as much as your clients. If most of your employees take ultra-congested highways to get to work, consider a location in a less busy area. An office with a difficult commute for most employees can lead to tardiness, and employees will soon get tired of having to leave their homes hours earlier than they should have to. Pretty soon, they’ll look for work nearby and you’ll lose them.

Appropriate Space

You may have created your start up not expecting business to thrive so soon. Or you may have realized that your business can get the job done with half your employees. Either way, your office may be too big or too small. Employees that are crowded together often find small offices distracting, and owners can waste money on property that’s much too large for them. Find space that is appropriate to your business size.

Moving an office is very different from moving a home. Businesses owners need to think about factors like cable installation and maintaining technological infrastructure. Leave your office move in the hands of Elontec. Our experts take care of every step—relocation, technology installation, and even providing new or refurbished furniture. Contact us today to make your move this month.