How Classroom Design Impacts Learning


The University of Salford in England, along with professional architects, conducted a study on classroom design impact. Their findings were that classroom design attributes to 25% of a student’s progress, either positively or negatively.

Based on several studies, seven of the most impactful design elements are:


Color creates visual stimulation for students, especially on walls, floors, and furniture. Younger students react mostly to warmer colors while older students react to cooler colors.


Choice is a major factor in creating an ideal learning environment. Letting students choose how they learn gives them a sense of ownership and creates community in the classroom. Research shows that interesting and ergonomic furniture helps as well.


Clear and clean corridors, quick access to classrooms and other spaces, and wide pathways impacts students positively.


Eye-catching interior décor balanced with orderliness stimulates students’ learning. According to one study, a balanced layout with wall displays and perhaps an accent wall can increase student progress by 23%.


Students learn better in classes that accommodate them, rather than crowd them. How easily furniture can be rearranged for various activities and teaching methods also helps.


Research shows that students in classrooms with large windows and daylight achieve 20% faster progress in reading and math. Natural sunlight is ideal for classrooms. Fluorescent lights may actually interfere with learning, especially if the student has autism or has sensitive hearing. They may find the buzzing of fluorescent lights to be distracting. Teachers who don’t have access to natural light can create a similar affect with natural light bulbs.

Desk Arrangement

One study finds that students and faculty experience 30% more engagement in classrooms with unique desk layouts over traditional rows.

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