How are Business Telephone Systems Different from Normal Telephones?


Today’s business telephone systems are much different than they were just a generation ago. While professionals in the 1980’s and 1990’s were often tied to traditional phone lines that had limited features or were forced to use primitive cellular technology to handle their business dealings, today’s companies outfit their staffs with highly-efficient VOIP technology and digital phone services. Here are just a few of the ways these technologies differ – and why businesses have largely turned their backs on traditional telephones.

VOIP is Affordable

Even in a world where there is decreasing demand for traditional phone service, it is still one of the larger expenses in terms of outfitting your operation with communications technology. Perhaps this is why so many businesses choose VOIP providers. These voice-over-internet systems work with your existing internet provider to offer clear, stable calling that is typically available for a fraction of the cost of traditional phone lines. Its cost savings and increased efficiency makes it the best choice of modern businesses around the world.

Relocation is Easy

It’s a fact that many businesses face relocation at least once in their history. Whether it’s because you’re growing and need to upsize your operation or simply because you found a better facility from which to operate, relocating can be stressful and frustrating. There’s no reason why your phone system should be part of that frustration.

With traditional telephone systems, you would have to relocate all the hardware that went with your system and may not have even been able to keep your same number. Phone lines were often down for days or even weeks during relocation, losing these companies valuable business.

In the world of digital telephone services, though, there’s no need for all this hassle. Your relocation services provider can help you get your new location set up, while you effortlessly transfer the minimal hardware and simply setup your new connection alongside the wireless internet at your new facility. Your numbers and connection will be exactly as it was in your former location, so calls won’t go unanswered and business can continue as usual.

Ready to bring this new form of business telephone systems? Local providers like Elontec are ready when you are to provide easy installation and set-up and guide you through the process of transferring all your business over to digital communications. There’s no need to sacrifice the personal touch of voice communication when you go digital. Choose VOIP or a digital phone service for your business and see the difference yourself.