3 Important Learning Environment Zones


Over the years, education facility designers have seen an increased need for flexible spaces and collaborative learning. Educators not only see how essential learning zones in classrooms are today, but how beneficial they can be.

Here are three learning zones your classroom needs.

News Zone

A news zone is like an expanded bulletin board. This zone is where your students will be able to find classroom calendars, assignments, project due dates, school events, holidays, and upcoming half-days. You can also incorporate an international and local aspect to your news zone by updating the area with news articles. Many teachers use news zones to highlight their students’ achievements, such as “Breaking News! Jamila Aces Third Science Test in a Row!”

Supplies Zone

Do you have students constantly approaching you for supplies? A supplies zone can be your solution. Here, your students will be able to find pencils, pens, highlighters, sharpeners, staplers, scissors, hole punchers, rulers, paper, glue, tape, paperclips, and other tools. You can also store reference materials in this area, such as vocabulary charts, cheat sheets, study guides, text books, dictionaries, thesauruses, encyclopedias, and more.

Quiet Zone

Quiet zones are definitely the most classic versions of learning zones. They’re typically secluded sections of a class that allow students who have finished their work early to read. They can be used for so much more. Students can use these zones to catch up on work, study, and write. This zone is especially useful for students who are easily distracted and need quiet to focus during tests. Many teachers provide noise-cancelling headphones in these zones. You may be tempted to use this area as a time-out zone, but it’s important not to associate being in trouble with this zone.

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