Refurbished & Pre-Owned

Refurbished & Pre-Owned

Rescue Line Furniture


Our focus on sustainability shines through our Rescue line where we rescue unwanted furniture from the landfills. We then donate them to nonprofit agencies or add to our used or refurbished furniture inventory.

Refurbished and Pre-Owned

Elontec is one of the largest refurbishers in Arizona, refurbishing all major manufacturers for our customers. Elontec can remanufacture Steelcase, Herman Miller, Knoll, Haworth, Teknion, AIS, Hon, TrendForm, AllSteel and many more products. We follow very stringent processes to ensure quality while our crews run on tight timetables to ensure customer satisfaction.

Manufacturers and most dealers would rather push only new products, which can be expensive compared to utilizing refurbished furniture. By refurbishing system furniture, not only do you keep it out of landfills, you save a great deal of money over buying new. Additionally, it is often easier to match older systems by taking advantage of refurbished pieces.

We have developed our methods over the years to provide the highest level of satisfaction possible. Our proactive approach from order to install has been proven to reduce costs. As with all our service areas, Elontec tailors flexible contracts for each individual project.

Our Streamlined Refurbishing Process

When we remanufacture system furniture, we follow an efficient process to produce quality, custom results.

  • Break down a used system into individual pieces
  • Remove skins, metal frame, dirt and debris
  • Cut wood and metal to design specifications
  • Paint, powder coat and/or install fabric
  • Reassemble panels and stage system assembly for delivery

When we refurbish furniture, we add 10% to our estimate to ensure there will be additional parts and pieces to fulfill the order in case changes are needed.

Used and Refurbished Options

We currently stock millions of dollars’ worth of inventory of various manufacturers and product lines. We have a warehouse stocked full of used inventory, plus a small 10,000ft2 showroom full of used furniture you can come see. With Elontec, you can choose between buying new, refurbished or as-is used products to suit your needs.

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