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logoimgPlanning is critical to any successful office move. The key to your overall success is to understand the challenges, put a solid plan in place, and hire the right moving company.

At Elontec, we look at relocation differently. Your time is money, and we understand you can’t afford to put operations on hold and risk losing business during a transition. We offer well-planned, strategic solutions designed to eliminate unexpected logistical hurdles and cumbersome post-move challenges. We work closely with you to ensure your move goes smoothly and is completed on time and within your budget.

With a well planned, strategic solution, you can:

Integrate multiple services to simplify the process and free up your time

Minimize downtime so you can be up and running the next business day

Increase efficiencies and avoid unexpected challenges

Eliminate multiple vendors to simplify scheduling and quality control

Maximize your budget

Elontec’s business operations experts will meet with you personally to understand your business goals and the full scope of your project. Then we develop a customized solution that fits your company’s specific requirements. We work with you to plan every detail from start to finish, which eliminates the challenge of managing multiple vendors, scheduling conflicts, and quality control. We offer integrated solutions and you have the option to bundle them together, or select only the services you need or want.

Integrated solutions include:

Office and warehouse relocation services

Low voltage cabling

Office furniture procurement

Furniture installation

Furniture liquidation

Project Management

Asset Management

Storage Management

Elontec understands that it is vital to have a project plan in place and we also understand the steps and timelines involved. One of the biggest mistakes an organization can make is to wait too long to start the planning process. Whether moving a warehouse, corporate office or a small business – planning is essential. Give us a call today to schedule a walkthrough and get started on a successful and simplified relocation.


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