Our Team

Our growing team is optimized to handle every aspect of Elontec’s business. From sales to field operations, customer service to project design. We maintain control of scheduling and quality assurance. Our stable staff works together to deliver results, welcoming challenges to unburden business owners. Our installers and technicians are agnostic when it comes to brands, meaning they possess expertise in a full range of furniture, computer and telecom products. Our staff knows there is no one-size-fits-all solution for business relocation. With professionalism, expertise, big-picture focus and attention to detail, our team is devoted to serving our clients and the greater community.

Ginger Clayton


As the President and CEO of Elontec, originally formed in 1997, Ginger is passionate about helping others move forward. This ethic extends beyond her business to the greater community. Ginger believes that owning Elontec is a privilege which allows her to help others through community involvement, mentoring and providing business services. Once a single mother who worked three jobs to support her family, she thanks those who helped her achieve success and now devotes herself to paying it forward. In the corporate world and in the personal sphere, she sees economic challenges as opportunities to innovate practical, effective solutions. That’s how Elontec continued to hone its efficacy and grow through the recession, and why its growth includes hiring staff members who are dedicated to helping others. As the company expands, Ginger guides the leadership team and devotes her free time to family and community service. Among other initiatives, she founded the Diaper Bank of Central Arizona. She enjoys time playing games or outdoor activities with her husband and five children.

Joe Clayton

Vice President of Sales

Joe is key to the strategic diversification of Elontec. Over the years, he continuously refocuses the company’s vision to provide increasingly all-encompassing solutions to Phoenix area businesses. He introduced the sales aspect of our furniture division to streamline business relocation services, and contributes over 25 years of experience in computers and telecommunications to our technology division. Joe’s multifaceted skill set helps coach the teams from project management, design and implementation services in all divisions. He builds up Elontec’s capacity to form partnerships across industries from health care to education, entertainment to government, manufacturing and more. He takes pride in assessing each client’s needs and leading his team to develop and deliver complete solutions. Joe has sold in excess of $100 million of furniture, relocation and technology projects over the past 25 years. He is married with five children and enjoys spending time camping and hiking with his family.

Allan Curthoys

Vice President of Furniture and Relocation Sales

Allan brings 25 years of combined experience in furniture, relocation and structured cabling to Elontec. His primary areas of expertise are project and operations management. He is extremely well-versed in the management of relocation, furniture and cabling projects for seamless installation and completion. Allan’s ability to capture business requirements and then develop efficient and effective technical solutions makes him invaluable to our company and our clients. He values building relationships of trust, from the initial consultation to the final result. Allan is married with two boys. You will most likely find him playing softball or coaching his kids’ baseball team.