Space Planning

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Space Planning

Elontec provides a unique approach to design services that will maximize the flexibility of your workspace so you can accommodate change effectively and maintain or integrate new ideas into your corporate culture. Whether moving to a new space or reconfiguring an existing office, the Elontec workflow will ensure the project goals and priorities are met on time and within budget.

Elontec offers a comprehensive design team that works with you on the strategic placement of your workstations to ensure the most efficient use of the space available. Whether you have your own architects and designers, or need assistance in developing a plan from scratch, when you purchase your furniture from Elontec we will customize a plan at no cost to you. We offer this service as value-add to our customer. This differentiator could save you thousands of dollars on your project, enabling you to maximize your budget.

Workflow considerations include:

Workspace configuration

Workflow preferences

Employee teamwork requirements

Productivity and collaboration


Noise reduction

Our first step is to understand your business objective. We listen closely to your ideas, meet with you onsite to evaluate the space, and create a customized plan based on your requirements. We discuss in detail the overall plan so we can accommodate any special processes and workflows, and then decide together the best way to maximize your space and budget. With a variety of manufacturers and models available the customer is never locked into one brand or manufacturer. Elontec offers new, refurbished, or pre-owned modular furniture solutions to fit any style preference or budget.

The second step is to obtain a CAD drawing of the floor plan and confirm measurements of the office layout. We can then consult and make recommendations as needed to ensure effective space allocation. The Elontec engineer will design a layout for the workstations, often giving a variety of placement options for the customer to choose from. Elontec uses state the art computer technology to create the layout which is easy to read and understand. It is not uncommon to make several changes until the desired end product is achieved and approved.

Once a drawing is approved we move into selecting fabric, paint and work surface colors. After all the finishes are selected, Elontec will provide a comprehensive quote for approval.

No matter the size or complexity of the project, Elontec provides a team of experienced professionals to simplify the design process and maximize the flexibility of your office space creating the desired image that inspires your employees and impresses your clients.

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