We understand that funding changes affect state agencies on a regular basis, leading to bursts in growth or budget cuts that require major cost-cutting. We are also familiar with the complications that arise with relocations, expansions and downsizing. Through our contracts with the State of Arizona, Texas and Louisiana we have delivered complete solutions that account for the unique needs of government agencies. By choosing Elontec, you can:

  • Simplify background checks. We do not outsource labor, we perform drug and background checks on our employees and our long-term employee retention means less time processing personnel.
  • Simplify paper trails. Every government expenditure is subject to oversight. By hiring one company to handle all aspects of relocation or expansion, from design to procurement to installation and maintenance, you save significant time and resources.
  • Simplify operations. As with our commercial clients, your organization has a mission and a purpose. Our mission is to reduce downtime and provide the labor and resources you need so that you can focus on your agency’s priorities.
  • Save money: Elontec has compiled over 80 manufacturers who offer mid-market products that are of the highest quality and the fastest ship times. This allows you substantial savings compared to major name brand products, without compromising great aesthetics, efficiency, durability and warrantees. We have a track record in saving the government millions of dollars with AIS and our other manufacturers.