About Us

Since 1997, Elontec has provided complete solutions to businesses. We serve clients across the country with our main hubs in Arizona, Texas, and Louisiana while building relationships and delivering projects with clients nationwide. Our unique business model arises from the values from which we created our name. Elontec stands for Longevity, Alliances, Allegiances, Technology, E-commerce, longing to serve and the holistic nature of the services we provide.

We have been recognized by the State of Arizona as a preferred vendor for our Furniture products. For office furniture installation and space design, to commercial relocation and cabling services, Elontec designs solutions to keep your business running smoothly with minimal down time.

High-level management and design: Our design team plans and executes efficient solutions for your business, whether you are furnishing an educational facility, moving a casino or installing telecommunications in a new office. No project is too big or complex for us to handle.

Complete solutions: Designing, ordering, scheduling, installing, interfacing with contractors and relevant government agencies, meeting with service providers: we do it all so that you can focus on growing your business. Our substantial, easily navigable catalog offers a range of products for each of our subdivisions.

Minimal downtime: We know how important it is to get your business running at peak efficiency. When we provide timelines and pricing quotes, they are not to exceed. We build long-term relationships with clients by delivering prompt, budget-wise results.

In-house professionals: We employ our own designers, installers, movers and technicians for greater accountability, guaranteed expertise and superior customer service. We drug test , perform background checks and hire long-term employees for greater efficiency, scheduling control and peace of mind.

Community building: Our relationship with the community extends beyond our contracts. We invest not only in our clients’ long-term success, but in struggling families and individuals so that they, too, can thrive.

Elontec has been delivering commendable results since 1997 with strategic, streamlined processes tailored to your business. We love moving businesses and families forward in life. Our complete, streamlined solutions and solid reputation for reliable, quality work sets us apart. Contact us to handle the logistics of your project.