Wheelchair Accessible Office Furniture

For any business, it's important to remain accessible for individuals with disabilities. This includes both employees and customers. Not all furniture outlets offer wheelchair accessible options, which is exactly why it's necessary to turn to the professionals at Elontec for custom and specialty office furniture.

Adjustable height tables

Unlike traditional office chairs, not all wheelchairs are able to rise and lower, depending on the height of the table. That's why it's important to have tables that can rise or lower to the need of the wheelchair user. These tables also have wider births, allowing for more room to maneuver. With the help of an adjustable height table, it's possible for any wheelchair user to comfortably work.

Wider Open Cubicles

Some cubicles have thinner door frames. This allows for more wall space, but it reduces the ability for someone with a wheelchair to enter easily. Wider birth cubicles provide additional space for someone relying on a wheelchair. This way, they won't have to worry about scraping walls or not being able to enter certain cubicles based on the width of their chair.

Lower Cabinets

Depending on the situation, it may be necessary to have storage cabinets and drawers at more specific heights. There are various options which can be utilized by someone relying on a wheelchair, regardless of what their current sitting height is. A properly configured cabinet ensures easy access for all.

Whether you're looking to purchase products for a recently hired individual who uses a wheelchair or to ensure a company is ready for the day when it might need the accessible furniture, Elontec provides a wide range of wheelchair accessible furnishing options.

If your business is interested in taking advantage of these furniture options, has questions about how the equipment functions around specific wheelchair models, or are ready to make a purchase, contact the team at Elontec today.