Tips for Finding Space for Your Startup

All your hard work has paid off and your startup has outgrown its original space. The time has come to move into a real office. Finding office space that fits your needs and your budget is exciting, but it can also be stressful. Here are six tips for finding the perfect space can help reduce your worries.


The more you research your new space, the better.


Figure out how much space is needed. An easy way to compute this is to figure at least 1,000 square feet per four to six employees.


Pick a centralized location. Choose a location that is convenient to travel to from where your employees live. This will help you retain your talent.

Ask Around

Get a recommendation. Ask people you trust for recommendations for a realtor who has successfully found them office space.


You don't have to drain your account to find the perfect space.


Consider subleasing at first. If you have a limited budget or not enough money in reserve to obtain a long-term lease, subleasing is an option to consider for your first office space.

Shared Workplace

Opt for a co-working location. This could be a great option if you want a flexible, lower-cost arrangement. Some co-working locations offer various-sized spaces that can be rented monthly, weekly, or hourly.


Everything is negotiable. Don’t be afraid to haggle on the given price for rent before signing a lease agreement. It’s possible to negotiate for a price that is five to twenty percent lower than the listed price.

Moving into a new or larger space means you will need to move or purchase office furniture. Elontec offers a variety of furniture, both new and refurbished to fit your needs. We offer delivery and installation of your furniture for a smooth transition.