Stimulating Creativity in Office Design


You don’t have to be working at an art studio to be creative. In fact, most types of jobs require some form of creativity, whether it’s marketing or engineering. It’s important that offices incorporate design and furniture to stimulate that creativity. Having an interesting office space actually increases productivity by 20%. What can your office utilize to make this happen?


Space needs to be balanced intricately in office space. Overcrowding can make employees feel suffocated. They may not be able to get their creative juices going if they’re distracted by the co-worker two feet away. On the other hand, too much room can make employees feel isolated. Creativity often happens from collaboration and high energy. If you don’t think your office space is appropriate for your company’s size, it’s time to relocate.


Just the walkways and rooms of your office can encourage creativity. You can create lounge areas, allowing employees to walk away from their work for a few minutes to recharge. Consider an open-space office if you notice your cubicles are stunting creative flow. You can also try a combination of cubicles and desk clusters to see which your employees prefer.


Where we sit affects our work. You can’t always expect creativity to come from being perfectly still. Many offices are using standing desks that can easily be adjusted. That, along with moveable furniture, makes employees active which stimulates the brain. Multi-purpose furniture is another great way to encourage creativity. There’s something about seeing one piece of furniture being used for different functions that gives us a desire to think outside of the box.

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