New Year's Resolution 2018: Green Your Office

Got any New Year's resolutions for the office? Environmental sustainability is more than a buzzword. The more "green" we can make our daily lives, the more we can mitigate climate change, protect vulnerable species and coastal areas, and save money thanks to increased efficiency.


  • Regulate heating and cooling.
  • If possible, choose to rent space in an energy-efficient building.
  • Use space efficiently.


  • Use power strips and switched outlets to make turning devices off easy.
  • Protect server and network devices in a closet or room with strict environmental controls.
  • Use paperless communication methods and collaboration tools.
  • Choose energy-efficient devices.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycling:

  • Ditch bottled water for filtered water.
  • Think big! Yes, you can and should reuse plates, cups, and silverware. You can also buy quality used office furniture.
  • When you are finished using furniture or devices, consider donating or liquidating to keep them out of the landfill. Whenever you dispose of technological devices, be sure to properly wipe the hard drives to protect your information.
  • Recycle materials that can be taken by your municipal recycling services. Use recycled products when possible.
  • Buy supplies in bulk to reduce the amount of packaging that goes into the waste stream.


  • In addition to reducing, reusing, and using recycled products, become label-savvy. Some brand labels are nothing more than marketing schemes ("all-natural" for instance). Other labels, such as Rainforest Alliance Certified, can only be used by brands that pay to be tested according to rigorous standards. You can help communities globally by choosing products with these labels.

Has your office "gone green?" Let us know on social media how you've made your workplace more environmentally friendly - and how it's affected your business.