The Impact of Color on Learning Environments


Science shows that colors effect our mood and productivity, which is why many designers are incorporating color into classrooms and learning environments. Here’s how color can help student learn.

Most Effective Colors


Green creates a calming effect because of its association with nature. It also increases efficiency and focus. This color’s relaxing quality may even contribute to physical health, which is why some hospitals are utilizing it.

Green is an excellent color for improving concentration. It keeps long-term concentration and clarity. Studies have shown this color is effective in office settings as well. Individuals who work in green offices have higher rates of job satisfaction.


Orange is considered to be a mood-lifter. It provides comfort, enhances neural functioning, and increases alertness. Studies show it also stimulates critical thinking and memory.

Research also shows that orange increases oxygen supply to the brain, stimulates mental activity, and loosens inhibitions. This is important because increased oxygen supply helps students feel invigorated.


Blue promotes productivity and high levels of thought. It creates a sense of well-being and has a tranquilizing effect. Many classrooms utilize it to achieve a state of calm and relaxation.

There’s evidence that suggests people with highly intellectual work are most productive in blue environments. Blue works best in learning situations that are intensely challenging.

Other Colors


Red stimulates the adrenal glands which improves performance and focus. Studies show this hue encourages alertness, excitement, and creativity.


Like green and blue, pink can also promote calmness by reducing heart rate.


You probably guessed it—yellow improves happiness. It’s viewed as a cheerful color that creates positive feelings and encourages creativity. It also maintains attention, which is why it’s used for warning signs.

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