How to Prepare Employees for an Office Relocation

Office relocation is more than just moving cabinets and coffee machines. You need to prepare your employees for the adjustment of a new workplace as they may be feeling uneasy. Here's advice on how to smooth out the process.

Share Your Excitement

Moving into a larger or better location is an exciting and positive milestone for your business. Share the excitement with your employees. When they see how excited you are, they will be more willing to join in on the excitement.

Keep Employees in the Loop

Communication is key to letting your employees know the logistics of the move and what they should expect. Let employees know the scheduling of when and what is being packed up and moved so they aren’t caught by surprise.

Discuss Commuting Needs

During the search for your new office space, taking into consideration how this will affect your employees’ commute is important. Discuss with your employees what their commuting needs are and what are the best routes to reach your new location.

Check Out the Neighborhood

Before the move to your new location, scope out the neighborhood to find places to eat and shop. Sharing this information with your employees will help them quickly adjust to the new location and show them that your taking their needs in account.

Take a Field Trip

If possible, organize a visit to the new location so that employees can see the areas where they will be working. This gives them an idea of how much space they will have at their workstation and what they can bring with them.

To keep your move as stress-free as possible, hire an office moving company. Elontec offers complete relocation services from packing and cleaning to setup of furniture, telephone systems, and computer networks. Leaving this component in the hands of professionals allows you to focus on your employees.