How Much is Your Company's Data Worth?

Yahoo made news in 2016 by becoming the victim of the largest data breach in history, where it was later confirmed that three billion of their accounts were compromised. But why was their data attacked? What is data? Why is it important?

Your company’s data is very valuable to the health of your business. Understanding its worth can help manage your customers and employees’ information, give you insights in the direction your business is headed, and guide your business decisions.

What is Data?

To put it as simply as possible, data is what helps companies look at their processes and create changes. Data helps companies run more efficiently and thus, better serve their audience. It does so by collecting as much information as possible and using that information to target evolving audiences.

Why is Data Important?

Hackers are fully aware of how much time and effort has goes into compiling a company’s data. Attack the data, and you're essentially attacking the heart. Data helps businesses keep track of customers and analyze trends in sales, along with other important factors, that companies need to continue running. This data could include:

  • Client lists
  • Sales information
  • Customer and employee personal identifiable information (PII)
  • Payroll records
  • Confidential business documents

What happens when data is suddenly wiped out, stolen through a data breach, or held for hostage by ransomware? It could be devastating for businesses financially. It could also be bad for the company's public image. Therefore, ensuring that data is kept safe should always be a priority.

Considering all that your data can do for your company, it is priceless and should be treated as such. Elontec offers a wide range of IT services and other technology solutions to keep your data safe. And when needed, we can seamlessly move your data during re-locations and upgrades.