How to Let Customers and Vendors Know You're Moved

After deciding to relocate your business, the next important step to take is to let your customers and vendors know that you are moving. Different methods are probably running in your head-- website announcements, emails, Google knowledge panel updates. etc. While it may sound old fashioned, the best way to announce a business move is by creating and sending a business relocation letter.

Advantages of a Physical Letter

You should assume your clients and vendors aren't frequently checking your website and knowledge panel for updates. Your emails may very well be going to their spam. Letters are so under-utilized, it'll catch their eye and, to put it simply, seem more official.

Here are three steps to the business relocation letter process.

#1. Make a Plan

The time to start planning your business relocation letter is at least six months before your planned move. You’ll need to build your mailing list. This is the time to decide who should be contacted about your move and whether it should be done by email, postal mail or both.

#2. Writing the Letter

You should consider writing a different letter for each of your targeted audiences to explain your reason for your move. For example, you might want to tell your customers how they will benefit from your move.

When writing your letter, make sure that it includes all your contact information, including how to connect through social media. Keep the letter short and concise.

#3. Delivering Your Letter

You should plan to deliver your letter three weeks before your moving date. This gives your customers and vendors plenty of time to note your change of address and update their records.

When you’re ready to move your business forward, Elontec can assist with your relocation project. Whether you need a single task performed or complete relocation services, we’re ready to help.