The Difference Between Movers and Office Relocation

There is so much that goes into relocating an office, and none of it can be left to chance. One “wrong move” could have a disastrous effect on your business during this transition. It takes extensive planning and help from experienced professionals, but in many cases hiring even the most experienced professional mover is not enough.

Office Relocation Expert versus Professional Mover

A professional mover will load up your office furniture, fixtures, inventory and equipment and move it to your new location. Once they arrive and unload everything, you are left on your own either to hire another professional or leave it to your employees to set your business’s technological infrastructure, furniture and fixtures. You’re also left with dealing with the disposal of unwanted furniture and fixtures, and the cleanup of your prior location. This can delay your ability to be back up and running as quickly as possible.

By choosing an office relocation expert, you can focus on daily operations without worrying about interrupted productivity. Using complete relocation services, your relocation project is managed at a higher level, which can include:

  • Setting up your technological infrastructure, including cabling and telecommunications systems.
  • Cleaning out your old location.
  • Liquidating or consigning unwanted furniture or fixtures.
  • Providing secure warehousing of inventory, furniture, equipment and other assets during relocation.
  • Procuring new or refurbished furnishing, wiring and technology.
  • Installing furniture, fixtures and equipment by in-house experts that are manufacturer-certified.
  • Delivering your company’s belongings in state-of-the-art delivery trucks by a professional, in-house crew.

When you hire an office relocation expert, such as Elontec, you select integrated services that go far beyond what a traditional moving service can provide. For a seamless transition into your new space, you need comprehensive solutions. While movers handle one part of the relocation process, office relocation professionals orchestrate the project from start to finish.