Data News: Saks Fifth Avenue Breached

Data breaches have become more and more common in news programming around the country. From Target to Home Depot to the most recent breaches at Saks Fifth Avenue, the loss of customer data, credit card numbers, and personal contact information is a major problem, for both consumers and corporations.

However, this isn't just an issue at the enterprise level. While large corporations sell print space, data breaches hit home with local businesses and start-ups as well. A single data breach has the potential of not only siphoning off crucial data, but it may result in current customers leaving a business or even filing lawsuits, costing the business more than bad press.

This is why it's not only important to learn from the most recent data breach at Saks Fifth Avenue, but to implement new security features with the help of service providers such as Elontec.

The Data Breach

During the closing days of March, Saks and Lord & Taylor discovered the data of five million customers had been stolen. Security systems have improved in recent years, which has helped reduced the overall size of breaches (down from 2013 when 40 million Target customers had their credit card information stolen from a data breach, and 56 million Home Depot customers).

Saks and its parent company have come out and stated new security measures are in place, and the gap in security measures that allowed cyber-criminals access into the closed network has since been corrected, to prevent further data loss.

By investing in quality security protocols within a business, companies have the ability to protect both company data and customer information. No two security configurations are the same, which is why Elontec is available to provide customized security services and support.

Businesses that are in need of security protocols, have questions about options, or ready to upgrade the current protective technology can contact Elontec today.