Data Centers in the Age of the Cloud

Are data centers taking a backseat in the Age of the Cloud? A recent speech\ from Meg Whitman, CEO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, has dispelled that notion. In fact, traditional data centers are seen as the drivers for the public cloud in a future that is dominated by mobile devices and IoT.

Why Data Centers Will Remain Mission-Critical

Even though there is so much focus on moving to the cloud, companies are still going to need centralized computing. During her speech, Whitman reported that market researcher IDC has found that 53 percent of enterprises have either left or are considering leaving the public cloud to put their workloads back to data centers onsite.The reason for this appears to be that the enterprises are finding that the public cloud is suited for certain applications, while others are more suited to remain with their data centers.

Moving Toward a Hybrid Cloud Approach

There will be a need for data center growth to get the most out of what the future offers with the cloud. As everything becomes increasingly digitized, your data center will serve as the center of your network’s outer perimeter of devices and cloud. For many businesses, the answer during the Age of the Cloud is to optimize their data centers for a hybrid model. This is the recommendation not only from HPE, but other large solutions providers, including Red Hat.