Compromised Data Recovery

Sometimes even the most proactive businesses are hit by cyber criminals. Most businesses are continually at risk for cyber attacks. However, the larger, enterprise corporations receive further attention from hackers thanks to the sheer number of client credit cards a criminal can access upon a successful infiltration.

In order to reduce these potential hacks, remaining proactive and investing in security protocols is crucial. In the event of compromised data, it is necessary to follow these individual steps.

Determine If a Hack Took Place

The first step is to determine whether or not a hack took place or not. This is often the most difficult step of protecting a company. Typically, a small step in the security protocol will be off, the amount of data usage shifts slightly, or there is another small variation that may not seem unusual at first glance. However, it's these small indicators that point to hacking.

Look Into the Breach

The next step is to look into the breach, determine how wide spread it is, and what needs to be done to prevent further attacks.


The third step is to physically contain the attack. This depends on the extensive nature of the attack and what kind of attack took place.

Repair and Prevent

You now need to correct the problem and put in safeguards to prevent it from happening again.


Lastly, it is important to notify customers of the breach and security issues.

Staying ahead of cyber-criminals is extremely important. There's no time to rest when it comes to implementing various forms of cyber protection.

After suffering a cyber attack, it's vital to seek help from professional and experienced technical support. Companies like Elontec offer IT staffing and disaster recovery. If your data and information have been hacked or compromised, contact Elontec today