Business News: Walmart Offers Paid Parental Leave

Walmart announced in January that they would soon offer an expanded parental leave policy for their employees. This policy, slated to begin on March 1, 2018 will benefit biological parents. The company had previously expanded their policy for adoptive parents. Walmart’s new policy will provide birth moms with 10 paid weeks and other new parents six paid weeks.

Why is This Significant?

As America’s biggest employer, this step made by Walmart is significant. This is because only 14 percent of non-military U.S. workers have any access to paid parental leave. Now, other businesses might begin to feel pressure to follow suit and improve their parental leave policies.

What is Walmart Getting Right?

One might think that Walmart has made this move to compete with other companies for workers. However, according to Walmart, this move is more about investing in their associates and recognizing the need for stability in their lives. Walmart’s view is that expanded parental leave is a smart human capital management move.

Next Step: Paid Leave for Dads

Starbucks announced on January 24 that they would expand their parental leave policy for hourly employees to include new fathers. There are around 41 major companies offering paternity leave, but only 12 of them give new dads as much time off as new moms. 69% of Americans want paid paternity leave for fathers. The same source reports, "more than half of those who took leave said they took less than they needed or wanted to."

How to Support Working Parents

Elontec CEO Ginger Clayton knows what it’s like being a working mom. She started off as a single mother, balancing three different jobs. Today, she's the president of a multi-award winning office furniture, relocation, and IT company. She has long been involved with The Diaper Bank of Arizona, a non-profit organization providing millions of diapers to babies in need. Check out the organization, winner of the Arizona Foundation for Women award, here.