Benefits of Refurbished Office Furniture


Office furniture is expensive. The cost of new furniture, for even a small office, can quickly escalate to thousands of dollars. For a larger company with dozens of employees (if not hundreds), the price point may hit tens of thousand. This serves as a major expense, especially for furniture that instantly loses its value and, eventually, will need to be replaced. However, with the help of Elontec, there is an alternative to buying brand new furniture-- refurbished office furniture.

Save Money

For companies looking to save while receiving quality products, refurbished office furniture offers a viable opportunity. The furniture is repaired and restored to like-new conditions, yet comes at a fraction of the price. With the help of Elontec, it's possible to receive office furniture for 250 employees with a starting price point of $4,000.

Eco Friendly

By not purchasing new furniture, it cuts down on plastic manufacturing and the creation of other building materials that are harmful to the environment. This not only improves the company's carbon footprint but, in many instances, it allows the company to earn LEED points. Depending on the business location, this can lead to tax rebates and deductions annually, which plunges the price of the refurbished furniture further.

A Step Up From Used

Some use "refurbished" and "used" interchangeably to describe furniture. However, there is a difference. Used refers to as-is furniture. Refurbished means it's been restored and back to its factory condition. Refurbished furniture, whether it's cubicles or standard furniture, looks new, but with a near-used price.

For any business, no matter the size or number of employees, it's a valuable option to invest in refurbished furniture. So if your company has questions regarding the furniture, wants to know the different furnishing options, or is ready to purchase products, Elontec is ready to assist.