5 Facts about Nature in the Office


Research on the effects of having natural elements in offices have been studied repeatedly. They’ve all come to the same conclusion: nature in work environments benefits humans in various ways.


  • Employees are 15% more productive in offices that have houseplants. They also have increased concentration and workplace satisfaction.
  • Biophilic elements create a 15% higher sense of well-being among staff.
  • Introducing plants to the office can lesson tension and anxiety by approximately 37%.
  • Workers who can see out of windows facing a natural scene take 19% less sick days.
  • 10% of employee absence can be explained by office design that doesn’t include views of nature and sufficient sunlight.


Countless studies have been conducted on natural elements in office space. They have consistently found positive impacts between biophilic elements, employee wellbeing, and productivity. A greener office can also boost motivation and enthusiasm.

Researchers once brought in one plant per square meter into a London office, and memory performance improved considerably. Studies were conducted on people randomly assigned to look at pictures of green meadows or concrete roofs for 40 seconds. Analysis of their brain scans show that brief glimpses of nature shifts the brain to a relaxed mode. Attention restoration theory suggests that looking at nature causes the brain to shift into a different mode of processing. The participants who saw pictures of meadows performed significantly better on attention tasks, made less mistakes, and were less distracted.

Classrooms and Hospitals

In addition to offices, studies show that students who take tests in outside-facing windows with a natural view perform better on tests than students in windowless classrooms. They also show students perform better all around when plants are brought into the classroom. While most of these studies have been done on students, research also shows that patients treated for bipolar disorder were discharged several days sooner when their rooms had natural sunlight.

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