4 Signs You Need a Bigger Office


The garage where Steve Jobs started Apple® is now a historic site. Obviously, the most famous technology company in the world didn’t stay in that office. Today, its headquartered in California with 499 retail stores around the world. Maybe your start up is excitedly getting to the point where you need more space.

It’s easy to see needing a bigger office as stressful, but this sign of success should definitely be celebrated. Here are signs that your business needs a bigger office.

Crowd Noise

The noise level of your office is a huge indicator of needing a bigger space. If your business currently has different departments cramped together and talking over each other, it’s time to find a new building. You don’t want your consumers or clients hearing noise when they speak to your employees on the phone.

Socialized Distraction

Your employees getting along is a good thing. The problem is when their friendliness is getting in the way of their work. If your office space puts your employees too close together, they won’t be able to help this. They need space to focus.

Lack of Meeting Rooms

If your business functions primarily through your employees meeting and collaborating, you’re going to need meeting rooms. In small offices, employees tend to have meetings in the same area as others, which can be very distracting.

No Training Room

If your business is hiring more and more employees to keep up with consumer or client demand, they’re going to need a training room. Training multiple employees in the same area as your other employees disturbs workflow. A training room, even a small one, increases productivity.

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