3 Benefits of Ergonomics


Ergonomics is defined as the study of peoples’ efficiency in their working environment. There have been numerous studies done on how factors such as posture can affect workflow. Therefore, office furniture is an important element for employers to consider.


Office furniture that encourages bad posture is proven to negatively impact productivity. Factors like slouching, hunched shoulders, sitting too close to the screen, and more makes your employees lethargic. Studies show that computer workstations that utilize ergonomic furniture increase productivity by 10-25%.


According to one study, lower back pain is the world’s most common work-related disability. Employees need to examine their posture throughout the day. The way you sit for forty hours a week can have major repercussions. An appliance as simple as a laptop stand can reduce neck strain and help you avoid spine issues in the future. Many offices are incorporating standing desks into their workspace to stimulate blood circulation.



Ergonomics benefit the company as a whole. Employees are less likely to make costly mistakes if they’re working in a position that encourages focus; improper work structure leads to less accuracy in motions. The right furniture also reduces downtime at work. If an employee is sitting on an uncomfortable chair, for instance, they may be fidgeting throughout the day which leads to wear and tear. Soon enough, the chair will break and you’ll either a) waste time fixing it or b) buy a new one.


Invest in comfortable and sturdy office furniture so your employees aren’t distracted by how sore or numb they are. Utilize appliances that naturally create healthy posture. Lastly, save yourself money by not purchasing cheap, low-quality furniture that will harm your employee’s health, hinder their workflows, and eventually need to be replaced.

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