10 Enterprise IT Trends to Watch in 2018

You might already know that Elontec offers comprehensive technology solutions for data center and enterprise networks. Here are some of the latest enterprise IT trends that are expected to disrupt and innovate the landscape of IT infrastructure by 2020, as reported by McKinsey & Company.

  1. Growing shift to purchasing “as-a-service” models for both software and hardware that could potentially slash IT expenses, reduce risk, increase flexibility and free up capital.
  2. Increased use of the public cloud as some businesses eliminate private data centers -- however, the trend away from on-site network infrastructure is slowing.
  3. Continued increases in the use of open-source software by large companies.
  4. Increased use of cloud-based security offerings for cybersecurity.
  5. Increased customization of data-center configuration based on mainstream acceptance of “white box” and comfort with “self-built” servers.
  6. Continued growth of enterprise IoT as many companies plan to increase spending on IoT.
  7. Growth of the hardware infrastructure as it shifts to Asia and white-box systems gain popularity.
  8. The use of DevOps for software and hardware that fosters expanded collaboration throughout the IT value chain to meet the need for faster delivery of new features by IT departments.
  9. Virtual machines are expected to lose prominence and the use of container-first architectures becomes the main means of deployment in the cloud.
  10. Enterprise use of AI and machine-learning-optimized stacks will continue to increase as data volume continues to massively increase.

You can always depend on the expertise of Elontec. We can assist your business in navigating the demands and new innovations that are expected to disrupt the IT infrastructure landscape in the near future. Nothing moves forward quite as rapidly as information technology, and we make it our mission to move business forward.